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I offer specialised services for companies or individuals specifically tailored to your particular needs.

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I will consider any commission regardless of size. My specific areas of expertise can be seen on this website with links below to further information on each genre.

I am proficient in the use of Photoshop, however through choice I have not used it to enhance many of the images seen on this website. It has been used to remove crows from landscape images and to convert images to black and white.


One hour does not mean one continuous hour, as it could be broken into three twenty-minute segments over the course of a day or even perhaps three days. This allows an image at the beginning of an event or activity, one part way through and one at the end. It also means that if a commission lasts three hours, that time may well be broken over a series of days or even weeks, dependant upon your requirements. I charge up to a maximum of £150 per hour.

If you require me to consult on any project then my fees are £180 per hour plus expenses. The difference in rates is to enable me to produce plans for a brief that are then given to another photographer to complete for the client.


Do you have a conference, an event that is going to last for more than five hours or any requirement for a photographer to be on call, then I charge £600 per day.

Post Production Charges

Provided requests are reasonable, then there are no charges raised. However, if you ask for extensive alterations to be made to a number of images then the cost of that would have to be negotiated.


I am based in the East Midlands, near Peterborough and I do not charge for travelling within 40 miles (80 mile round trip) however if you employ me at my daily rate I do advise that I need to eat, and arrangements will need to be made.

PLEASE NOTE: it is my policy not to use the work I do for clients to publicise my website nor do I provide links to customer’s websites for advertising purposes.

If I cannot provide the service you require I will recommend other Photography Companies who may be able to help.

Links to information on services I provide: